The Jungle Room Update


A bunch of us went up to Montgomery, VT for the 4th of July and we caught some frogs, a newt, and a bunch of tadpoles. They are now in the Terquarium, and hopefully they won't eat each other. We also found frog eggs.
Well, that didn't take long. We found some new eggs in the nest today. Baby birds soon?
We finally got a mate for our lone finch. She has been alone for nearly 2 years now. We didn't get another for so long because she was too mean to them. She's older now and more mellow. She better behave. The new finch is named The King. Her name is The Queen.
Pearl is PREGO! You know, pregnant. She is getting really round and slow. We hope she has the babies inside, 'cause she's really an outdoors cat.
We are really good at picking up strays, or rather, strays are really good at picking up us. Pearl, a neighborhood cat has adopted us. Brittany named her. She is part Siamese and part Tabby. Weird.
Nick, a kid at HO Wheeler Elementary, came by to do a research project on snakessssss. He found out that Bertha is almost 3 feet long, she eats rats, and her favorite dessert is ice cream. Just kidding.
A new arrival! Evan got a guinea pig. Emma named him Jupiter. He is SO cute. He squeaks all the time, especially when Evan leaves the room. Ev, can you spell Mom?
We made Bertha a new house, from kids building blocks. She likes it. We used tape to keep the boxes together.
Stu made another Telequarium. A Telequarium is a TV that has the insides taken out, and an aquarium put inside. Then we put goldfish in, and it looks like a TV. People always ask us if we get any other channels. Duh.

Bertha, our lovely snake, shed her skin again. She does this all the time. Evan took her skin into school for Share.


We're just about ready to move the two baby iquanas to the big cage. Another few weeks.
Lizzie has died. We are so sad, as she was a really feisty critter. We had a little funeral in the back yard. We're really gonna miss her.
Lizzie is really sick now. We don't think she'll live.
HAIRYETTA IS BACK! Lila found her in the sink, after more than a year gone. She's smaller, but healthy. This is too rad. She won't get out again.
We were just given a python, Bertha, who couldn't stay in her human's house any longer. The kids love her, and take her around for walks. Very neat.
Still not eating. We're getting worried. Lizzie is tough, but sooner or later she'll get sick.
Lizzie has stopped eating. This happens often when you change an iguana's habitat. Hope it ends soon.
We built a new cage for Lizzie. Now she won't be so cramped in her house. Hope she appreciates it.
Emma got a rabbit. Cool.
Lizzie is back in her cage, for good. She is just too mean to let out.

We are taking Lizzie out periodically to get her used to running around free. We would like her to be our "house iguana". Should be fun.

Stu, Evan, Emma and Lindsey went hunting for crayfish again. BINGO! 5 new pets for the jungle room. These dudes tend to live for several years, eating guppies. The kids love them, except when they nip.
Stu, Evan, Emma, Jon, and Chrissy went looking for crayfish at Salmon Hole. No luck, but we all took a dip anyway.
We all went to the local fair, the Champlain Fair, and we saw a sad sight. Iguanas were being offered as prizes for a game. Lila suggested that if we won a baby iguana, it would save it's life, since they don't tend to live easily when they're young. So Stu did just that! Now we have a new iguana, plus a neighbor dropped his off that was won at the same fair. It wasn't eating. Now NoodleHead has 4 iguanas.
Lizzie is getting just too big for her cage. We figure that in about 6 months we'll have to build her another.
We just found out that Hairy is actually a girl. So Emma has announced that her name is now Hairyetta.
Hairy the Houdini did it again. He managed to escape out a really teeny hole in the back of his home. We're keeping our eyes out for him.
Lizzie has almost totally recovered from her egg laying adventure. She's her old, nasty self.
Forgot to mention, our finchs laid eggs awhile ago, and the babies just came out and are flying around.
Hairy just ate 17 crickets in one hour!
THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! Hairy Longlegs, our tarantula that got loose last September, has returned! He's been loose all this time, and he lived. Cool!
We decided to cut all the eggs open, and they all are not fertile. Bummer!.
One of the eggs has collapsed, so we took it out and looked inside. Nothing inside but VERY smelly yolk. We're worried now.
Moved all the eggs to an incubator, which is basically an aquarium with moist soil and lots of heat. Crossing our fingers.
Lizzie the iguana just laid eggs! We don't know if they're fertile, but we can only hope. She seems kind of sick.